Why professional pictures are a ‘must-have’ to sell your property at a premium price.


Gone are the days, where a buyer drives by a property to get a very first glimpse on a desired place. In our fast living, busy society more and more buyers are increasingly introduced to properties online. A good image is a strong marketing tool and can change the way potential buyers look at your listing and create a lasting impression.

Photographers specializing in real estate are popping up everywhere realizing the value they can provide to the market. The right camera, selection of lenses, and skill can help take control of light conditions and catch the room at the right angle. Try it out, it is very tricky to take a great shot of a tiny bathroom.  Interior space is a top priority for buyers and high resolution pictures help capturing the true size of a room. Research shows that pictures taken by professionals have on average 61% more views than other homes and buyers will be more inclined to view your property. This in turn will increase your chances of selling your property at a premium price.

However, just as important as the right photographer is the appearance of your listing. Making sure that your place is clean and properly staged during the photoshoot will make a difference in selling your property. Start with cleaning and decluttering your place and minimize the amount of items you have in each room. Less is often more! The idea is to ‘wow’ potential buyers the second they view  your listing online, so that they start picturing themselves living in your home and schedule a showing right away. At Bryant and Lasko we help you market you property the right way! Contact Kristin for more information at Kristin@bryantandlasko.com


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